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Make the Most of Your Cardio Session with These Exercises

Make the Most of Your Cardio Session with These Exercises

Caring for your body with whole foods and exercise is a labor of love. But not everyone is in love with spending hours engaging in cardio exercises, and most of us simply do not have the time to devote to it either. At Junkyard Training, we work with individuals with all sorts of schedules and goals. That is why today we want to help those with limited time. Here are some compound cardio exercises that will guarantee that you get a full body sweat in no time!

Jump Rope

Most can agree that one of the cardio exercises that burns the most calories per hour is jumping rope. So, if you want to cut your cardio time in half or get the most burn for your time, jumping rope is the way to go. You can even complete this movement without a rope since the form is the same either way. Or you can purchase a weighted jump rope to add a bit more resistance.

High Knees

High knees are an excellent exercise that engages many muscle groups. Set a timer based on your preferences and skill level. Anywhere from 30 seconds to one minute is a good interval time. As you bring your knees up towards your chest, make sure that you are keeping your core tight and engaging your arms as well to get the most out of this movement.

Squat Jump

The squat is a classic powerful compound movement. You can turn up the difficulty and work on your endurance and cardiovascular health if you incorporate a jumping motion into the movement. As always, be sure to use proper form to prevent injury, especially when engaging in jumping activities.

Kettlebell Swing

To really get the most bang for your buck, try adding kettlebell swings into your cardio routine. This exercise allows you to activate legs, glutes, abs, and arms in one go. Plus, with the aid of a kettlebell, you give yourself room for progressive overload. Increasing the weight of the kettlebell each session will allow you to gain muscle and endurance.

All fitness goals benefit from coupling mindful eating and training routines. If you are new to exercising or are just not seeing the results you were hoping for, working with a personal trainer can help. Stop by the Junkyard Training gym today to get started on the path to a stronger, healthier you.

Posted By Junkyard Training on 10-15-2020