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Power Lifting Gym, Youth Training, Rehab Recovery Parker, Centennial

Sports Therapy Special:

Sports Pain Management and Therapy Special, as low as $25 a session for cold therapy and mobility training*
*Other needed therapy not included in this price.

Junkyard Training Center offers personal training and recovery in Parker Colorado. But we’re so much more than personal training!

We have a competitive powerlifting team that is like family. Traveling together to events allows us to go to competitions and support one another. Our facility is unique because we offer many recovery and rehab options. These help support every athlete’s ability to be the best at game time. We are happy to work with weekend warriors as well as older athletes, youth and professional athletes. Athletes of all fitness levels train and recover at our center. Disabled athletes also train here as part of our disabilities groups.

We specialize in specific strength training and speed. Our facility does this by offering special equipment. We use fit lights real runner and Vertimax jump trainer. Best of all, we are the only human performance center offering personal training and recovery in Parker that is able to study each individual. 3D videoing, and tendo machine check peak power and speed. Functional Movement Screens assist in looking at injury risk factors. We are also the only facility to incorporate neuroplasticity training.

Specialized Training

Specialized Training

  • Speed Training
  • Youth Training
  • Quarterback Training
  • Power Lifting Team
  • Disabilities Group
Specialized Training

Rehab & Recovery

Suffering from pain makes every aspect of life more difficult. Our range of rehab and recovery options can help you keep down time to a minimum and reach your full potential.

Rehab and Recovery
Rehab and Recovery
Junkyard Trainers

Meet the Trainers

Our expert trainers' combined decades of experience, wide skillset, and personal attentiveness are put to use to help each individual client reach their goals.

Meet the Trainers

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide people with safe and cost-effective training and recovery. Twenty-five plus years of experience and the most current research methods available help us to offer the highest quality services. I hold myself to the highest ethical standards and never compromise my integrity by stepping out into areas that I am not proficiently trained. The most effective strength and conditioning training will be used to develop each individual. Working together with you we will create a concise program that is specific to each person’s goals.

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Junkyard Air Assault Team Trainers

We offer football training, specifically QB and skills position as well as RB/TE/WR training. Specific neuromuscular, strength and neuroplasticity training work to increase your performance, agility and accuracy.

Steve Fairchild

  • 1993-1996 Colorado State (QB)
  • 1997-2000 Colorado State (OC)
  • 2001-2002 Buffalo Bills (RB)
  • 2003-2005 St. Louis Rams (OC/QB)
  • 2006-2007 Buffalo Bills (OC)
  • 2008-2011 Colorado State
  • 2012 San Diego Chargers (OA)

The best offensive minds are right here in Parker CO. Steve is considered one of the best QB coaches in the business he has worked with the likes of Kurt Warner, Philip Rivers and most recently Chad Kelly and Brian Stover.

Jesse Branham

Jesse works with all player improvements in developing neuromuscular strength and proper sequencing. The use of latest technology such as 3D video analysis of technique and form, also using the newest training ideas involving neuroplasticity to help increase neural connections.