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Add Some Variation to Your Walks with These Movements

Add Some Variation to Your Walks with These Movements

Walking is a wonderful habit to add into your exercise routine. It’s a great way to grab some fresh air, gain some mental clarity, as well as move your body. Colorado is full of great hiking trails, but the Denver metro area itself has a fantastic network of walking trails. Many of these trails have equipment stations dotted along the path. If you want to add some variation to your daily walks, try taking advantage of those equipment stations when you pass them, or try out some of these suggested movements.

Incline Pushups

If you have been trying to work your way up to a full-fledged pushup, incline pushups are a great stepping stone. When you are ready to change up the pace during your walk, try to locate a tree or a similarly strong upright structure. Brace against the tree with your arms, engage your core, and begin to press down and then push back up to starting position. As your strength increases you can search for objects that are lower to the ground, such as a park bench.

Walking Lunge

A great way to add some strength training into a simple walk is to pepper in some walking lunges. Instead of taking a normal step forward, step forward into a lunge position. Do 10-12 in a row to complete a set. Repeat as many times as you like throughout your stroll.

Scale Stairs

If you want to fit in a bit more cardio into your walking session, stairs are a great way to do so. Instead of ignoring that flight of stairs along your walking route, taking a moment to climb them can be a wonderful way to increase your heart rate and challenge your glutes.

Bring Equipment

Another way to add variation and a bit more challenge to your walks is to bring along some equipment. For instance, you can incorporate a weighted vest. Or you can bring along a jump rope to periodically use along your route. Aim to complete 50 skips per interval.

Just having a routine of walking is important, but if you feel the need to switch things up, these suggestions can help. And when you need recovery options for your active lifestyle, Junkyard Training can help. We offer many rehab and recovery options, like cryotherapy and cupping. We are committed to helping you feel the best you can.

Posted By Junkyard Training on 9-17-2021