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Understanding the Differences Between Training and Exercise

Understanding the Differences Between Training and Exercise

Some people want to lose weight and get fit. They are not training for a specific activity or sport. They just want to feel better, look better and get healthier. Junk Yard training can help achieve these goals and do it safely. Learning what to do and how to do it is an important part of any exercise program.

What if your goal is a specific sport or activity? This is an area where Junk Yard Training excels. We have both the right coaching as well as specific recovery treatments to cover a wide range of training goals. If you have ever trained for a sport for an extended period only to hit a wall of pain and injury, then you understand the importance of rehab and recovery. Junk Yard training gives you access to elite coaching as well as full sports rehab and recovery. This was reserved only for the elite, but our facility makes it affordable for just about anyone to achieve their full potential. Training and exercise would seem like they are the same. The reality is they can be very different.

So, what is the core difference between exercise and training? Exercise is physical activity done for its own sake whereas training is physical activity done for the sake of attaining some long-term goal. Now, burning calories and getting in shape is what exercise is all about, but many people will eventually outgrow popular forms of exercise. If you’re one of these people, then training is the next logical step to increase your fitness without getting bored. Training will also keep you on track and moving towards a specific goal.

Sometimes the drive to transition from exercise to training is produced from sheer enjoyment. Many people will report getting completely hooked on exercise, the thrill of pushing themselves past what they thought were their limits and getting a great body in the process. At that point, they might start noticing tangible improvements in their lives and be ready to chalk up a series of goals to accomplish in the coming weeks, months, and years. That’s where training comes in. Training can allow athletes the chance to realize their short- and long-term goals and achieve results under the guidance of a trainer.

Junk Yard training can give you access to a personal trainer and let you choose from several different types of training depending on your goals. You’ll be able to choose from power lifting, speed training, and even quarterback training.

In short, training is an extremely effective way to achieve results that most people would associate with having fitness and health. Even if your goal is weight loss, you’ll find that training works better in most circumstances than exercise because you’ll be more prone to stay on track and achieve your weight loss goals. Doing the same exercises ad nauseam might be fine for some people, but most people are going to get bored with that kind of endless routine. And, guess what? When you get bored with something, you’re much less likely to stick with it.

Training can provide you with an actionable plan for the best way to, say, lose weight or achieve any number of goals. The goals that you develop for yourself, perhaps in conjunction with a personal trainer, may change over time as your health and body improve with training. You’ll find quickly that training increases your general strength and improves your endurance. This means that you’ll be able to train for longer as your capacity to endure long workouts markedly improves throughout your training program. You’ll finally take your body, health, and overall well-being into your own hands.

Posted on 9-11-2019