Junkyard Training Videos

Partner push-ups (bodyweight)

Kneeling Wall 180 Degree Rotation

Kneeling Wall Rotation

Kneeling Wall Rotation Arms Behind Head

Monster Walks

Seated Lumbar Rotation

Squatting Rotation

Side Lunge with Rotation

Mini Band Clapping

2 Position Hip Flexor: TFL Stretch

Tall Kneeling Rotation Arms Straight Up

Arms Straight Up Rotation Toward Half Kneeling Leg

Rotation Towards Up Knee Arm Up Bent At 90

Kneeling Elbows On Chair Back Stretch

Lower Rotation While Squeezing Knees

Hands Behind Head Rotation With Side Bend

Kneeling Elbows On Chair Back Stretch With Arm Rotation

Rib Grab Thoracic Rotation

Childs Pose with Thoracic Rotation

Thoracic Rotation with a Punch

Thoracic Rotation with Twist and Pull


Thoracic Rotation with Sweeping Arm

Thoracic Rotation

Thread the Needle Leg Bent

Bretzel 2 0 with Leg Stability

Quad Position Thread the Needle

Quad Position Arm Behind Back Rotation

Quad Position Hand on Head Rotation No Lumbar Lock

Thread the Needle Leg Extended

Kneeling Arms Behind Head Rotation

Quad Position Lumbar Lock Hand on Head Rotation

Thoracic rotation while maintaining lumbar stability

GHD with arm extension (multifidus muscle)

Thoracic rotation 2.0

Shoulder press with contralateral isometric shoulder flexion hold, with stability challenge.

Partner push-ups 2 (bodyweight exercise)

Single leg partner pushups

Hip flexor stretch with upper body motor control

Hip flexor stretch with IT band variation

Banded hip thruster and banded hip abduction exercise

QB shoulder stability training

Shoulder stability

Speed training!!!

Molly deadlifting 429 at a BW of 156

Simple effective Hip mobility stretch

Hip Stability series tip toe monster walks 4 of 4

Hip Stability series fire hydrant 3 of 4

Hip Stability series Skier 2 of 4

Hip Stability series 1 of 4

Thoracic mobility 3.0

Part two-- pec stretch with brachial plexus stretch

part one--explain the correct way to stretch the pecs muscle

MIni-band Scapula stabilization against the wall

Band Rows

Wall slides (Arms)

Bear hugs

Band Pulls

Y's; T's; W's; L's

Special Olympics powerlifter, benches big!

Tricep exercise: secret weapons!

Back Presses

Back Presses great warmup before Dead lifts!

Fitlight Trainers for Wrestling Skills

Hip Flexor Stretch

Hip flexor stretch: Thomas Test

Tricep Extensions