Physical Therapy

What Makes This Training Center Different
is the Human Performance Piece

We actually give you working data to use while trying to improve your overall performance. The use of the 3D video system helps capture human movement from the inside out, giving us the information about which muscles are over active and which are inactive, the muscles that are limiting range of motion and those that might be limiting stability.

We also incorporate the use of the Tendo power output system, this allows us to get a better understanding of how much force you produce. This has the capacity to tell us peak velocity, average peak velocity and speed of movement (m/s).

Force plate driven Hitrainer treadmill gives us the capability to analyze power production while running and even helps look at each individual foot power production. This gives us the information needed to help improve speed and technique while sprinting. It also allows us to give additional information to your coaches to help enhance training protocols.

Data driven results is a way to work smarter for every athlete, helps improve safety and makes programming more effective.