The Best Equipment, Plus the Right Training
Equals Peak Performance and Recovery

We have specialty equipment to increase performance, strength and agility. Our current equipment is ideal for gathering the data needed to create optimal, personalized recovery and performance plans.

Strength Equipment

Powerlifting Combo Racks

Kilogram Plates

Reverse Hyper


3 Deadlift Bars

Squat Bar and Transformer Bar

Strongman Equipment

Atlas stones

Yoke Walk


Speed Equipment

Real Runner


Laser Timer

FITLIGHT ™ Trainer

Nike Sparq Glasses

Vibe Plate

FITLIGHT ™ Trainer

The FITLIGHT ™ Trainer is a wireless, 3-dimensional training system that focuses on physical fitness, reaction training, movement training and vision training. Set up lights in any configuration to improve hand-eye coordination, strength and conditioning, and agility also Lights can be used as targets to help train your reaction time and speed.

Real Runner

Real Runner is the only high-intensity interval performance trainer that uses isokinetic resistance in both the extension and flexion of the hip and knee joints while​ also promoting dorsiflexion of the ankle. Simulates a runner’s stride, providing a full range of motion while simultaneously developing stride length, stride frequency, endurance, acceleration and power.


VertiMax is the most effective Vertical Jump Training System because it is able to maximize both explosive leg power and arm swing velocity to maximize the vertical lift component leading to superior vertical jump performance gains
VertiMax was designed to provide unsurpassed speed training gains by helping to quickly apply significant force to the ground and accelerate the body when the foot is planted on the ground and driving.

Vibe Plate

Adding vibration to your workout or therapy provides big benefits, because our muscle fibers and motor nerves respond more to vibrations than the deliberate muscle contractions that occur as you work out. Vibration platform machines allow people to experience both types of muscle exercises at once, helping to strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular health.