Powerlifting Team

I have been involved in powerlifting since the age of 15 when I competed in my first competition. I like most fell in love with it right away, and continued to compete and won my first national title in 1998. I have been credited with 677 squat, 407 bench and 661 deadlift in the 220 pound weight class. I am currently an international level USPA official and have been involved with this sport for over 30 years!

Our powerlifting team is something special, we truly are more like family and we pride ourselves on maintaining a few core values.

We give this sport everything we have but reminded that it’s a hobby. Powerlifting is great, it is wonderful to be a part of. It allows everyone at any age and any gender to participate.

We focus first on the athlete and address each individual’s needs, we use evidence-based programming and lastly use movements that transfer over to optimizing the big three lifts.

Stay healthy-we offer rehab and recovery options to stay healthy, one of the best lessons to live by is “better programming leads to healthier athletes”.

We offer all the equipment needed for the competitive athlete. This team is loaded with talent and lots of motivation!