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Rehab & Recovery

Cryotherapy is used to help those who have chronic pain and inflammation. It is also used to help athletes recover and repair their muscles. The process is simple, quick and yet effective. Here is the breakdown of what cryotherapy is and how it works:

Stage 1: The first initial stage takes place in the cryo-sauna and only last about 2-3 minutes. Within those few minutes the body’s skin temperature drops to about 30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is done through liquid nitrogen gas. However, this gas never touches the body itself. When the skins temperature drops this low it begins to send signals to the brain that inform it of what it is going on. From there the brain is then stimulated to go through and do regulatory functions of the body and identifying parts that might not be working at 100% allowing those areas to be helped.

While this process is going on there is another message sent to the brain that inform it send the body’s blood to the core in order to maintain the correct body temperature. This process is called vasoconstriction. Within this process peripheral tissue is flushed of toxins and the blood is fortified with nutrients and oxygen. This causes a chain reaction that stimulates all of the body’s natural healing capability and releases needed endorphins.

Stage 2: This stage happens after the 2-3 minutes is over and you get out of the cryo-sauna. The body then begins to warm back up sending all of the enriched and fortified blood back into the rest of the body by means of a process called vasodilation.

Stage 3: The final stage of the process happens over the next 48 hours. The body goes into a natural restoration process. This allows for the body to return to its normal state but into a better condition of that normal state.

The benefits of this therapy includes increased energy, lower pain and inflammation, as well as a shorter recovery time.